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Timing is Everything

Thirty years in the making. Yup! That was how long ago I wrote the manuscript for my book No Time to Clean? Listen to Pauline!, launched on July 20, 2021. Although it may seem a little unusual for an author to wait so long to publish a book, I have a very interesting reason why.

When I first got the idea to start writing down my utterly amazing, genius ideas, if I do say so myself, on how to clean a house in lightning speed, there was only one thing on my mind. I discovered something that I just had to share with the entire world. I get goosebumps every time I think about how I just wanted to shout it from the rooftops that I found a way to give everyone their weekends back.

“They” say timing is everything. Well, “they” are not kidding. What stopped me from publishing my book once I finished writing it? Not the will, not the deep desire to share this gold mine of information, not anything except 30 years ago publishing a book was like a one in a million shot. It was not for lack of trying; I did send it out to a few places. I just never heard back from anyone.

Then, I got the brainstorm, “I’ll tell Oprah! She would totally appreciate this revelation and finally spread the word!” That didn’t make it very far either. So, as the years would go by, I would occasionally revisit the book, tweak it a bit each time, still dreaming that one day I would teach everyone my astonishing discovery.

After a couple of decades passed, I heard about the self-publishing concept, but never had the kind of money I thought it would take to invest and I certainly had no clue where to turn to learn how to do it all myself. Everything just seemed completely overwhelming. However, in my heart of hearts, I never let the dream die. It was always there just silently waiting to make its debut.

Then serendipity! (Now, hold on to appreciate the oxymoron.) A horrifying pandemic strikes the entire world almost overnight, we are all quarantined to our homes for months on end, and we are all forced to rethink our entire lives. I decide that I want a better life. I chose to invest in “me” and enroll in Bob Proctor’s Coaching Program. Through Bob’s program, I was introduced to Peggy McColl, New York Times Best Selling Author of nineteen (19) books, and a coach to those who want to self-publish their book. In that class, I learn about Hasmark Publishing International, a rock star publishing company that will assist you in, not only self-publishing (called co-publishing), but how to become a best seller. I am fascinated and hooked!

Within three months my book was launched! It was the most incredible whirlwind, exciting, get-it-done experience I could have ever imagined. I accomplished the publication of my book while the world is reeling from the “side effects” of the pandemic, and I’m not talking about the medical “side effects”, I am referring to how it changed our entire nuclear worlds; our families, our economic status, our employment status – our entire way of life. Everyone is home all day and night, the kids, the parents are working from home, and we are all “Zooming” to get through life.

I decided that NOW was the perfect time to introduce the world to the concepts and ideas of how to get your home clean in a just a few short hours, and have a positive attitude while doing it, all while saving time and money to focus more on what makes you happy. No worries about not being able to afford a cleaning service or that, in some countries, cleaning services are still not even allowed in homes. No worries that, now more than ever, the house really needs weekly cleaning since everyone is home all day and night and that it will take forever to get it done.

NOW was the time to put a little sparkle and sunshine into the idea of cleaning, a subject about which we all “felt” doomed. So boring, seemingly endless, a dirty job no one wants to do, a thankless job, and yet completely and utterly necessary. So, yes, this was the perfect time to publish my book. While the entire world is left figuring out how to cope with the permanent changes left by a pandemic, they can take heart in knowing that this cleaning system will also forever change the way they have always done something they hated in the most positive way imaginable.

Pauline Irene Stacey is the Amazon Best Selling Author of No Time To Clean? Listen To Pauline!. Pauline teaches people how to save time and money with practical solutions to everyday common problems of keeping their home clean and their lives organized.

Pauline combined her business education, her years of cleaning experience, and decades of reading/listening to personal development gurus like Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins, Napoleon Hill, and Wayne Dyer to develop a system to an age-old dilemma of hating/not having time to perform weekly housecleaning.

Stay tuned for her next book in the series “No Time To…? Listen To Pauline!” Sure to include more systems to save time and money, so can have more time to do what you love in life!



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