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Pauline Irene Stacey


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Pauline Irene Stacey Amazon Best Selling Author
Pauline Irene Stacey Amazon Kindle Best Selling Author
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How many painful hours do you spend cleaning your house during the week  or more importantly, how many hours per week do you spend thinking about it?

Hi, my name is Pauline Irene Stacey and I teach people how to save time and money with practical solutions to everyday common problems of keeping their home clean and their lives organized.


As a single parent in my late twenties, I was a full-time student working to earn a bachelor’s degree in business management, I was highly active in extracurricular activities as president of a state chapter organizations and a member of various other college committees, and I also taught religious education for years.

After working for others in the cleaning business, I eventually realized that self-employment was the best decision for me. It became clear to me that with the management skills I was learning in college and the hands-on experience I had gained, I had the knowledge and the drive to start my own cleaning business.

Since time is so valuable, I had to find a way to do a great job in less time. I developed methods that allowed me to speed up the process while keeping my clients happy. I was so successful that the business continued for eight years. During this time, I perfected house cleaning to a science and discovered how to address the psychology behind many people disliking cleaning.

It is completely possible that anyone can change this dreaded chore that seems to consume our mind, as well as our time, into a challenging, more “upbeat” task that will take only a couple of hours out of your week.

Lay your house-cleaning blues to rest; I am here to rescue you from drudgery.  You no longer have to set aside one entire day for cleaning. You no longer need to refuse an invitation to go out in order to stay home and clean. I am sure you feel that this seems too good to be true. I absolutely promise you that it is not.

If you make a sincere effort to follow and practice my suggestions, this dreaded humdrum chore can be turned into an almost effortless, challenging weekly task. You can make this happen for yourself in only a couple of hours out of your week!  You will use these tips and techniques for the rest of your life and will pass them on to family and friends.


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