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Pauline’s passion is to share with others her discoveries of how to save time and money with  practical solutions to everyday common problems of keeping their home clean and improving their quality of life. Stay tuned for her next book in the series “No Time To…? Listen To Pauline!”

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No Time to Clean?
Listen to Pauline!

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This book is dedicated to everyone who dislikes housecleaning or just does not have enough time to spend doing weekly housecleaning chores. Now you can take back your precious time to do what you like, and still have a clean home. Go, spend time with your family, your friends, and most importantly, with yourself!


A manual-style handbook in an easy-to-read format with step-by-step basic instructions and hacks to perform weekly cleaning chores in three hours or less no matter the size of the home, apartment, or condo. 

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Like being the first in the world at experiencing new technology? Be the first ever to experience Augmented Reality in a book! Hasmark Publishing International is the FIRST ever publishing company in the world to offer Augmented Reality in their books. This technology allows you to experience Pauline’s book come alive!


Using a cell phone (or other devices), you can invoke a video of Pauline demonstrating and explaining some of her favorite time-saving housecleaning tips! Just download the “Hasmark AR” app, hold your device over the AR Marker in the book, and watch the book come alive!

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"Growing up I was always told to clean, clean, clean. It was daunting! So as a new adult, my home was honestly terribly messy. Now grown and a mother of two, I see the importance of cleaning. This book ‘takes the pain away’ from cleaning. Now it's easier to see cleaning as something I can do right when it needs to be done, instead of putting it off because it’s dreadful and boring."

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