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Systems Create a Predetermined Outcome

“Systems” – what do you think of when you hear that word? Computers, information technology, software, business, engineering? We “old-school” folks like to refer to the dictionary for definitions. Here is one of Merriam- Webster’s definitions, “harmonious arrangement or pattern; order.” According to, the definition of a system is a “set of rules, an arrangement of things, or a group of related things that work toward a common goal.” In our everyday life, we refer to systems all day long, like a home security system, your digestive system, the solar system, transportation system, accounting system, your car’s brake system, the ecosystem... We need systems to function effectively, efficiently, harmoniously, and to improve the quality of our lives. Systems create a predetermined outcome. It is inevitable that without systems, we experience confusion, chaos, disorder, disorganization, dysfunction, and even disease. Without systems, we leave things up to haphazard chance, aimless, random outcomes. So why is it that more than 90% of society wonders through their lives with no plan, no direction, and no system? No system for success, no system for their future, no system for giving back, no system for true happiness, no system to live their hearts’ deep-seeded, genuine desire, no system for abundance; their birthright? These types of systems are not taught in elementary school or college and most certainly not usually handed-down advice from our parents. As a result, generations move forward, one after another, down the same boring, unsatisfying, unfulfilling path of life and the cycle continues. How do we break the chain? How can we move forward on the path of our true dreams? We start with systems. We make a plan and we plan to use systems to pave our paths in an organized, arranged, and ordered pattern. We start with systems in our everyday home life: cleaning the house, getting the kids ready for school and activities, grocery shopping, home repairs, vacations, family time, you time, personal development, life-long learning, health, spirituality, etc... We use a system to manifest abundance, to create wealth, to eat healthy, and to maintain physical health by working out and exercising. This entire world is designed as single universal system. Not one infinitesimal detail is left to chance or is just here, for no reason. It is astounding to think that some believe that they can walk through life without a system and achieve the life of their dreams. We need a system to design our lives, our future, and our happiness. Not even one single successful person, whether successful in abundance, health, relationships, wealth, or just pure innocent happiness, has succeeded without a system. There is NO accidental success. How did they succeed? They followed a “set of rules, an arrangement of things, or a group of related things that work toward a common goal” – the precise definition of a system.

So why should weekly housecleaning be any different. In my book, I describe every minute detail with step-by-step instructions for weekly housecleaning systematically. This system will save you hours of cleaning that you would normally spend doing weekly housecleaning chores.

With this system, you can reclaim your weekends to do what you want, whether it is spending time with family or friends or better yet, yourself. This system will eliminate the stress you feel all week long about having to clean your house. The “predetermined outcome” in this situation is more time for you to do what you want. Enjoy!



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